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How to build a tech Instagram account from scratch?

If you are a geek looking for a breakthrough, so that you start earning money with your talent, then social media is the right place for you to show your talent. A template of marketing, social media platforms have helped people from literally all the niches to build their careers. That’s the case even with geeks.

Platforms such as Instagram, have a lot of potential in them, and they can actually change your life if you learn to operate them properly and wisely. Your knowledge of technology can change everything, and you can reach the top. Moving ahead, once you are knowledgeable enough, you can also look for a good service like krootez.com to buy Instagram followers from, because that may be a good option. But for all of it to happen, we will have to look at the process of building a popular tech account on Instagram from scratch.

Building it from scratch

For building an account from scratch, you will have to make sure that you have created a business profile on Instagram.

Choose a nice name that suits your niche as well as work. If you are into reviewing gadgets and smartphones, then choose accordingly. But make it attractive, so that people like it. That will be the first thing, along with your Instagram bio which will make your profile appealing as well as enticing to the audience. An incomplete bio may even result in ignorance from the viewers. Also, choose a nice picture to be put in your profile picture section.

Then start uploading high-quality content! Go with high definition videos and images, and start spamming your wall with content. That’s how you will gain pace, and consistency over your work.

Then make sure that your followers know everything about what you will be doing next. If it’s a new smartphone which will come out in the new future, then keep them informed with all its specs and features, so that the excitement never dies.

Win followers

If you are building a new tech account, then make sure that you give top priority to your followers. It will be great if you have plenty of them so that their support never fades away.

Smartphone companies do check out the reviews which are posted by YouTubers and bloggers. And based on the support which they get from the public, those companies decide whether they would like to collaborate with that tech influencer or not.

One thing which you can choose to do here is to buy Instagram followers. A greater number of Instagram followers will make sure that you have the support of the public and that you get new followers quite easily. Other than that, you can get real followers which will also boost your views, sales, etc.

So, all in all, it can be a nice option if you choose to go with it.


We can conclude that if you focus properly on the basics and work smartly, then you will be able to reach the top quite easily.